Will Power Has Wings to Win

Empowering women

Gita Devi w/o Randhir Kr. Basarya come from a village/ PO/PS Maganpur, Block Gola and District Ramgarh. Village is 8 Km away from Block Head quarter. She is well educated, she is Post Graduate in Arts stream. She got married in the year 2009 and having four children. Son is the youngest among the brother and sisters.

Organization, Agragati was working in the area for quite long to mobilize and organize women for their empowerment in the society and more than to become empowered financially. In the year 2011, she become one of the SHG members in the village itself. She was given the role to perform as Secretary. In the year 2013, she was elected as Secretary in Gram Sangathan. Her work in the group was well appreciated by members and even by the external persons who visited there. In the year 2019, she became one of the BoDs of Upkar FPO. She tried her best effort to increase membership in her FPO. Because of her public relationship women farmers became member of the company and it crossed no. 500 in short duration.

In the year 2022, there was term of Panchayat election.  Her husband was offering his candidature for Mukhiya post. On the day of nomination he had called his supporters to accompany him in nomination. It was the last day to file nomination. He waited for his supporters but many did not turn up on time. It was very disappointing for him and he decided not to contest for the post of Mukhiya. He gave up his idea. He was very much frustrated as his friends did not turn up for the day. Seeing this his wife Gita Devi said, do not worry, she will contest for PSS.  She asked what were the documents required for it. He made the required papers ready   in short while because it was the last date to submit nomination file, but he did not go did not accompany to file her nomination. She went with one of her family members. As she had complete paper her file was submitted without any delay and returned home before time. There after door to door campaign was started. She had very good rapport with the female groups. Finally she was supported and got elected and PSS in her panchayat and now she became Pramukh in her block. She never thought of contesting or to come to the politics but her husband’s frustration made her to come and she got through.

This particular situation has changed her to a great extent. She was not vocal but now she could express and present her feelings and concerns  to act up on. He had concern for other but was not able to do anything for them but now she could reach out to them very easily. Raise voice and fight for the right. She was from farmer’s family and she had to do agriculture work but now by the help of family members she is busy in her assigned work, she goes to block office on regular basis. At home her in-laws do cooperate with her and because of her family members she is able to go out of home to serve the society. She will keep on doing the same in coming days without any stoppage.

She says not to look back, keep on moving ahead. Whether the post remains or not she must going on ahead to serve the society. She will make effort to promote education, make the area alcohol free and create an environment where the area could be an example for other.