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Mr.Laldev Ram Bedia S/o Lt. KhetaBedia is 36 years old having two children comes from  a Village ChokorBera, panchayatNawadih, Post Office Sondimra, police station Barlanga, Block Gola, District Ramgarh and state Jharkhand.  The village is located 12 KM away from Gola Block office towards North.

They were seven brothers and sisters in the family. Mr.Laldev Ram Bedia was the youngest son of the family. He had two elder brothers and four  elder sisters. He completed his graduation in Sociology from Ramgarh College in the year 2016. Main source of income/ livelihood of the family was the agriculture.

Agragati an organization was working in the areas but he was casual and not paying much attention to their work. In the year 2020-21, there was a meeting in the village where a few of the youths/ farmers were being identified to send them to Ranchi for three days residential training program on organic farming. And he was one of them who was nominated for the training. He went to undergo residential training program in Ranchi. He attended the training there. This was a kind of eye opening for him. He learnt and realized different ways of growing crops especially vegetables round the year. He was farmer, cultivating and growing paddy in season that’s all. He did not have much technical knowledge or systematic ways of cultivation. From this training he could clearly differentiate between traditional ways of cultivation and modern ways of cultivation. Also, the production, input cost, labour engagement, time consumption and many more. It was turning point for him to learn more about the locally preparing process of various organic manure and tonics to apply in the different crops for better production with the reason of maintaining fertility of land/ soil health. Harmfulness aspects of application of chemical fertilizers to grow crops. He even attended 45 days of training program in the village itself that was organized by Ram Krishna Mission with close coordination of Agragati.

He had 20 dismal of land. In that limited land he began to grow Beans, Bitter guard, Cucumber, bottle guard etc in a proper rope roofing. Before training in the same area he used to cultivate the same things but he used to get very less production because it was not in proper technical ways. He used to get 70 to 80 kg of beans and Bitter guard each. In an entire season 4 to 5 times he was harvesting and getting an average market price of Rs.5.00 per kg. Now after the training in the same volume of land, systematic ways of cultivation with new means of roofing  harvesting almost the same quantity but the quality of the product was better than before, now harvesting more than 15 times in the season and market price has gone up to an average Rs. 40.00 per KG. The profit has gone up to that extend that was never thought of. Now he could clearly distinguish traditional ways and modern technic ways of cultivation and its production, input cost, the qualities in production, benefit of organic practices. It has motivated and inspired him a lot. He is very much confident on this means of cultivation. He is managing entire requirements of the family very early without any much botheration which was not before. He also tries to motivate other farmers in the village and out of the village to go for the same to get better return and to enjoy the life without any tension.

Now, he has thought of expanding the crop area, increase bank balance to support his two children for their better education and make their life different from what he is today.

He is speech less to express his gratitude to the organization Agragati for whatever it has done for him and for the entire village. Without its support and guidance he would have never reached to this level.