Support Encouraged to Progress in Life

Empowering women

BinduKumari W/O Ganesh Kumar is resident of a small village Hohad, PanchaytSikni, Block Dulmi of Ramgarh District, situated 10 km away from block head quarter to the west direction. She is eldest sister-in- law in the family. She has a daughter who is tow year old.

When she came to her in-laws house after the marriage, she used to grow vegetables in the same area where she has constructed house for a shop to run. In the year 2019, she came in contact with Agragati staffs. She was told to become one of the members in the village SHG. She was given the responsibilities to take care of books of accounts of the group. In due course she attended meetings and training where she came to know many other things about the business. In the year 2021, she determined in her mind to open up a singar shop in the village itself. But she was lacking capital for it. She needed at least one lac rupees to start expected business. She took loan of Rs. 50000.00 from her SHG, rest of the required money was borrowed from relatives and neighbours. Finally she succeeded to open up a shop that was her dream, in the year 2021, May.

When she used to grow vegetable in the areas where she constructed house for shop, from there she had an income of only Rs. 1200.00 to Rs. 1500.00 only. Now, she is getting drastic increase in her income from the shop is Rs. 10000.00 to Rs. 12000.00 per month. She and her husband feel proud to open up a shop. She gets support and encouragement from her family members. She is well appreciated by society. She has become one of the examples in the village.

She has the plan to keep more articles that are in demand by the customers.

She also likes to increase other items like clothes. She has dream to make her daughter study in good school and make her study as much as she would like to study to make her life better and brighter.

Her Ideas and dreams are getting materialized because of support and exposure received from Agragati, without its support and training this was not possible, she is very much grateful the organization and remain ever grateful to Agragati for its support.