Sincere Efforts have Brighter Future

Empowering people

Nunubala Devi W/O NareshMahto who comes from a remote village called Hohad, PanchayatSikni, Post Sikni, Block Gola and Ramgarh District of State Jharkhand.  Her resident is 10 km towards West. She has completed standard 7th. She has been blessed with two sons and one daughter. Her family is dependent on agriculture and labour work. They were managing their family with great effort. They were worried for the study of their children.

Agragati was working in the area for long in organizing and mobilising women and promote agriculture activities in the area for their betterment. In the year 2005, she came in contact with Agragati. Organization was planning to organize training program for SHGs on Soap making, Vermin Composting, Mashroom cultivation, Jute bag making and agriculture based activities. While the dates were finalized for the training she was also one of the trainees.

After the training mostly on the agriculture base training was practiced like growing of tomatoes, Paddy cultivation through SRI, chilly cultivation. Each of the crop was very beneficial to her. In the year 2011 another training program was organized on Poultry Farm.  She too participated in that training. After the training all trainees were supported with the shed and chicks were provided by another organization called PRADAN. Entire family got involved in the work. They began to get good return from this business, at least four thousand to five thousand every month. The income she received was supported her to send her children to private school and they were sent to Ranchi, head quarter of State, where they were in rent and perusing their studies. All these were made possible because of the training and support provided by the Organization Agragati.

The adopted works will be continued, the planning for coming days are to dig well for irrigation to grow seasonal agricultural product. Land is left fallowbecause of no proper land shape. She would like to go for land levelling to increase production land area. Support SHG in maintaining books of accounts. Grow nursery in poly house. People of the area never knew her but she is well known these days because of her sincere efforts on various activities. She is one of the inspiring women in the area.

She has the plan to make a house properly for her family. Make her children’s study complete on time and make them stand by their own for their bright future.

All these are made possible because of the organization Agragati. If it were not come to our place and not supported as mentioned above would have not be possible to come up to this level or to think our future in this manner. She is very much obelized to Agragati for its support and guidance.