Ray of Hope in Life

Agragati NGO

Mr.GourabBedia S/o Gangadhar Ram Bedia who is 24 year old young man. He is eldest son of the family and comes from a Village ChokorBera, panchayatNawadih, Post Office Sondimra, police station Barlanga, Block Gola, District Ramgarh and state Jharkhand.  The village is located 12 KM away from Gola Block office towards North. He is the eldest son of the family. He has one young brother and two sisters. His parents are strength for him. He completed his 10thstandard in the year 2014-15. There after he discontinued due to his personal reasons. His father was employee in Railway but he resigned from his job due to his some personal issues. His mother is home maker. His family used to grow round the year paddy and paddy only in 2. 5 acrs of land. Life was going on as usual without much aspiration.

In the year 2012, Agragati had come to the village, they were insisting to go for lac cultivation, different seeds of vegetables were distributed and motivating to grow them differently like in Rope Roofing etc. He got connected with Agragati, he was carried away by the ways that were shared. He was very much interested for all these. In the year 2020-21 he was one of the selected farmers to go for three days residential training program in Ranchi on agriculture that to specifically promotion of organic farming. He attended 45 days training program in the village itself that was organized by Ram Krishna Mission in collaboration with Agragati. In this training program diversified trades were shared but he caught up one thing that was the Rope Roof cultivation of Bottle guard and bitterguard. He had 2.5 acrs of land but he used to make use of hardly 50 dismal of land for seasonal vegetable growing. After the training he realized, understood, he could make comparison between the traditional and modern ways of cultivation. He decided to go for entire 2.5 acrs of land for the vegetable cultivation round the year.

Now, as he went for rope roof practice for bottle guard and bitter guard cultivation he experienced more than what he had thought of. In  a time plantation lasted for more than 6 months, In a month harvested more than 5 time and average market cost per kg was Rs. 20.00. In a year there was drastic change in mind set and financially well of as well. Out of this practice he purchased motor bike, comfortably managed his regular domestic requirement, purchased cow, and installed solar set to recharge sprayer, light and fan for home, critical medical issue were easily dealt.Managing his sisters’ education with very easily.

He is very compassionate to support other farmers in the village and out of the village too. He always shares how to increase income from the limited source of land. He had planned to support his brother to establish his business in home state. Go for only organic cultivation as entrepreneurship, cows to purchase in numbers for milk business, poultry farm to open up, fodder to grow as an entrepreneurship and generate employment for other.

Mr.GourabBedia is very much thank full to Agragati for their support and guidance. It had come to the area as ray of hope in life for the destitute.