Practice and Success is Sure

Agragati NGO

Mr.BisembarBedia s/o MahadevBedia who is 36 year old gentleman who is resident of Chari Village, Panchayat& PO Chari, PS & Block Gola, and District Ramgarh, state Jharkhand. The village is 4 km away from the block office Gola.  In regards to the education he has completedIntermediate. He has one brother and a sister, he is youngest among the brothers and sister. All of them have got married. He has two children, both of them are sons, one is 13 years and another is 10 years old,studying in village government school where his elder brother is Head Master in the school.

The main sources of their livelihood was agriculture and daily wage. Financially family was not sound enough. Somehow managing their survival.

In those days he was doing nothing despite of poverty. He was loitering around with other friends in the village. He did not have maturity to understand domestic responsibilities.

In the year around 2006-2007, there was an organization BASIX who used to provide training to the farmers to grow better crops in modern ways.  The organization was charging training fee Rs. 400.00 a day. His father did not have even that token of money to spare for the training but he landed money to undergo training. At that time he told his father that the training would be attended by him not his father. Thinking if he learns could make practice longer than his father. So he attended the training program that was organized in village itself. The training was quite beneficial to him. Training was basically on Paddy cultivation through SRI method. In the same year one day he met two of the staffs in Gola they were from Agragati office.  In course of interaction they told him about the training on Chilly, Tomato and other vegetables cultivation free of cost. He attended the training with great interest. In the year 2007- 2008 Agragati conducted training program on SRI. After the training he got support of paddy seed, Cone wider,drums for preparing organic manure. It continued for two to three years.

He was the only person after the SRI training who cultivated paddy that he learnt in the training program. And it was miracle for him and for the area. Many farmers visited the plot to witness and experience. It became live example in the area. Similarly he too grew tomato only in 7 dismal of land that was also not his own plot. It was the plot of his neighbour that was laying fallow. He requested to grow tomato differently as he was taught the rope roof cultivation. Land owner agreed to give that fallow land. He grew and it was again marvellous. In a season he got the profit of Rs. 16000.00 which was not expected. Here too the site became example in the area. Many farmers and officials visited over again and again to witness and learn from him. This kind of product and visit and appreciated motivated to practice that he learnt during the training. Day by day and year after year he began to increase the area of cultivation for paddy, tomato, potato, chilly, cabbage, beans etc. the most interesting point is that he practised that was taught in the training. He did learn to prepare organic manure, did not apply any chemical fertilizer in his crop. It was purely organic. This practice was spread like wild fire in the market. Market began to come to his door step to purchase his product. He began to hire farmers to work in his land. He began to earn more and more day after day. In a year net profit was Rs. 55000.00 in those days and it was very big amount as profit. He did not have his own land, he grew it in partnership.

He too got associated with Agragati as Field staff. He too became Community Resource Person for his area. He attended good training every now and then. First he himself adopted and practised then there was least effort to convey and spread the message of new method of cultivation of any crop.  He followed the principle of ‘Preach what you Practice’. It was easy for him to work with the farmers in this manner. In this manner he was recognized by every officials and outside from his village. He earned, learnt, supported farmers, motivated others to grow, he too improved his family’s living standard. He came out from financial crisis. He purchased motor bike for himself to move around as it was the demand of the time.

In the year 2014 one of the PACS chair persons told him about the position laying vacant for PACS chairman. He did submitted application and got through. In the year 2015-2016 he discontinued from Agragati as field staff, he was not able to give time for the assignment that was to perform. He became full time in the role of PACS Chairman. It was not easy for him to be Chairman of PACS but the platform he got supported him to stand firm for the same and today he is one of the best chairmen of PACS in the area.

He has great aspiration for the farmers of the area that he would build warehouse in his area to store every agriculture product for marketing and better price in return.  He had great desire to serve and lead his people in the area. He has plan to contest next PRI election taking peoples concern to serve and uplift them in the path of development.

He is very much thankful to Agragati because whatever he is today, it was the contribution of the organization. His life would have been different if Agragati was not there to give him a platform to work for the cause of betterment of farmers in his area.