Past Practice is the Best Practice

Empowering women

HazraKhatun w/o Md. Belal Ansari is 46 years old, comes from a village Soso Kala, PanchayatSoso Kala, Block Gola and Ramgarh District of State Jharkhand. She has five children, three daughters and two sons. Her main source of livelihood is agriculture, Private Job and petty business.

In the year 2005, she came a cross with Agragati. In those days SHG formation was going on in the areas. She became one of the members in her village SHG. In her group she was treasure and was maintaining books of account. In the process of formation of SHG, there were many challenges as she was from Muslim community. Opposition was that the Muslim women were not allowed to go out of their house. If she becomes member of any SHG, she will have to go to block, district offices that are out of the village, which is not encouraged and it was against their religion ethics. Despite of opposition Muslim women formed groups. There was schemes from government department. Under SGSY her group got 2.50 lac loan with 50 % subsidy to have any sort of business by the group. The group was very much confident as they received such kind of support. In that process her husband was also opposed by the community. He was opposed because he was one of the staffs in Agragati office. People began to say, this was the man who would spoil the system in the community, and they began to say ill of him. But he did not mind it, he knew some day lesson will be learnt.

In due course transformer got spoiled and there was no power supply in the area for more than 20 days. Entire area was in darkness and every one faced problem related to electricity. To get is repaired or to replace needed around Rs. 25000.00. Collection made but it was not sufficient. And community was to come out of this problem. Finally they had to go to SHG to lend money for it. SHG got ready to lend money @ 5% rate of interest. With this support big necessary work was done. There after they realised the use and benefit of the group and supported in all respect to flourish purpose of the group.

In the year 2006, she got training on vermin compost in the village itself. She attended the training. After the training she got support from Agragati to make vermin Shed, four sheds were prepared in first slot. Out of four one was her. She started with this and later increased to another two beds by her own. She also got support from ATMA office. She began it as business purpose. She began to produce around 10 to 15 quintal from a bed. She started getting income of Rs. 2000.00 to three thousand in a month. It was possible because of training organised by Agragati else the income she was getting would have not possible. From this income she got great support in her children’s education. Message was spread in the area that once she was opposed and she dad an example in the area. She contributed a lot for the family. She had also great hands in marriage of her two daughters.

Having received the test of business being at home and income, she planned to expand similar business in future.

She extends her heartfelt gratitude to Agragati for its support, which will be never forgotten in her life.