Opportunity is to Bring Change in Life

Empowering women

Fulesweri Devi W/oChitranjanMahto resident of a small village called Hohad, PanchayatSikni, Block Dulmi, District Ramgarh, Jharkhand. The village is located 10 km away from block head quarter towards west. Her education background is very strong, she has completed BA, B.Ed. She has three daughters and a son.

Agragati, an organization was working in the area for long time in organizing and mobilizing community. Forming Self Help Group to make them united to work together and become financially well off.  She too became one of the SHGs member. During operation of SHG work she was given responsibility to look after groups books of accounts. In due course SHG members were given training on various trade like:  Soap making training, Vermin Compost training, Mushroom training,  Making Jute Bags , training on growing tomatos, Paddy, Chilly and other agricultural crops  to improve lives. She was given support to open up a poultry farm. Agragati supported her in making poultry shed capacity of 400 chicks. Chicks were provided by PRADAN with their terms and conditions. Having experiencing the income, she constructed one more shed with her own expenses of same capacity.  Entire family is engaged in the work.

In this activity she got engaged sincerely and began to get monthly income of Rs. 8000.00 to Rs. 10000.00 depending on the mortality rate of chicks. Due to this support she was able to manage to repair her house, dug bore well in house campus, manage to send their children to private school and leading and good life. If she were not in touch with Agragati, it would have not possible in her life at this stage.

In the year 2016 she was identified as to audit books of accounts of SHGs in Bokaro, Dhanbad and Hazaribag. From here too she used to get good support. But she had to discontinue as she had health issue and one of her legs was broken on a small road accident.

Having understood all these business, she likes to expand and continue to work for the family and also inspire to go for such kind of business to support the family.  Planning also to dig irrigation well in her garden to grow vegetables. She desires to see her children study well and get good job and make their life prosperous.

She is very much thank full to Agragati for its service to the area, especially to her personal life and family. This has become possible because of Agragati and its committed staffs in the field.