Ongoing Projects

Project Name: Global Opportunity for Youth Network (GOYN)
Objective With a focus on equality, systemic transformation, and amplifying the voices of youth, our strategy emphasises multi-sector collaboration and participation. 
Target Group We are trying to promote economic mobility for “Opportunity Youth,” or youth aged between 16 to 29, who are not enrolled in school, are not employed, or are employed in informal jobs. 
Project period  2019- 2031 
Funding Agency (Anchor Partner)  TRIF 
  Coverage of Area District– Ramgarh Blocks- Ramgarh, Gola, Dulmi and Chitarpur Revenue Village: 50  Youth: 60000 
Activities Carried out
  • Counselling of 4293 youth for start rural entrepreneurship 
  • 1210 youth support for Start-up as job matching entrepreneurship
  • 871 youths transformed through Skill development 
  • Training provided of 30 youth for rural entrepreneurship 
  Achievement & Result
  1. 307 youths enrolled in different company, employer i.e. delivery Boy, Garments Store, Steel Factories, Food Processing Units, Security Guard etc for job opportunities 
  2. 351 Youth Enrolled in Skill Training such as Sewing machine operator training, Solar Training, Automotive Training, Farm Training, ANM, General Duty Assistant etc 
  3. 29 Youth started Enterprise such as enterprise photo studio, LED Bulb making, Cosmetic store, Graphix design, grocery store etc. out of which 10 have received fellowship Rs.25000/- for started new
Success Story Aditya Kumar, 24 from a family of poor farmers in Digwar village of Ramgarh district, Jharkhand. But he always had a positive approach and confident towards life and made sure these problems did not affect him. He was worked in a photo studio in Ranchi and earns Rs. 4000/- per month for his family support. After getting training from our organisation and engagement of the project, we council him as well as train him to start his own business. Beside we also provided him with a fellowship (Enterprise fellowship) of Rs. 35000/- for starting his enterprise. Currently he has started his own photo studio at Digwar Chowk and earns Rs. 12000/- per month through it. He is a popular rural entrepreneur in his areas and inspiring other youths to become self-reliant by owning their own businesses. 
Project Name: Promoting Farmers Producer Organization (FPO)
Objective To ensure better income for the progressive farmers through an organization and producers’ group of their own.
Target Group Marginal and small farmers, who suffer serious disadvantage in terms of scale. Small farm size discourages many farmers to go for diversification of crops, oil seeds, vegetables, non-timber forest product mainly because of the price risk and uneconomic lot for marketing
Project period  2018-2024
Funding Agency NABARD
Coverage of Area District- Ramgarh Blocks- Gola Revenue Village: 114 House Hold: 2577
Activities Carried out
  1. Procurement of paddy, vegetable seeds, agricultural inputs and modern farm equipment 
  2. Mustard oil seed purchase and sale through ENAM portal.
  3. Sweet potato purchase & sale through ENAM portal.
  Achievement & Result  
  1. 150 farmers were registered in PM Kisan get benefited Rs.6000/-
  2. 210 farmers got E-Labour card 
  3. Plantation of Mango orchard in 5 acrs of land and generate 80 man-days,  
  4. Installation of drip irrigation with five (5) farmers which resulted 07 acreas under irrigation which resulted increase average Rs.20000/- per acreas
  5. Installation of solar pump set for 10 farmers which benefited 40 acreas under irrigated area which resulted increase average Rs.15000/- per acreas
  6. With our support an average of Rs.5000/- per year increased per members of the FPC
Success Story Hariyali Harit Krishak Producer Company Ltd is a FPC registered as Farmer Producer Company (FPC) on 2020, in Sosokalan village, Gola Block Ramgargh District of Jharkhand. At present it has 570 farmers’ members cultivating Paddy, mustered, onion, Patato, varieties of vegetables during the year total areas cultivated 456 acres.  Mr. Sanjay Kumar is the Founder and Chairman of the FPC who has come with good farming knowledge and exposure with a passion and commitment to empower farmers in his village through smart agribusiness activities by FPC. To unleash the power of their vision they have associated with Agragati. The association with Agragati helped FPC in specific benefits in very short time as mentioned below: 1. Agri input business retail outlet to setup Multi Service Centre (MSC) by FPC which resulted Rs.10000/- net profit 2. Established mainstream market linkages with e NAM which resulted in Rs.15000/- net profit during the year. 3. Mentoring the FPC to adopt a reasonable and effective business on Solar operated rice mill Plan for 2022-23 FY.
Project Name: Green and Clean Energy
Objective Deploying renewable energy in Jharkhand is to advance economic development and mitigate climate change
Target Group Rural Artisan, entrepreneur 
Project period  2020-2023
Funding Agency SELCO Foundation & TERRI
  Coverage of Area District– Ramgarh Block: Gola, Dulmi, Chitarpur and Ramgarh Revenue Village: 35 House Hold: 225
Activities Carried out Awareness raising workshops will be conducted in project areas Raising campaign including print media, radio and television will be conducted to introduce the general public to energy conservation
  Achievement & Result Facilitate the running of business: Xerox Machine -10 Silver Jewellery -02 Sewing Machin -180 Common Service Center-10 MSC                  -01 Pottery wheel run machine -02 Freeze Model      -05 Spray Charging points -04
Success Story     Solar Freeze Model make for a green and clean enterprise  Away from Ramgarh city lies Sosokhurd village, Sosokala Panchayat, a quiet rural setting. The men of the villages here are busy with their agricultural work, while women look after their households. But during lean times, the family’s income dips. This is where Agragati stepped in. In our Green and Clean Energy project core objective is entrepreneurship development of rural youth and job creation through utilizing green and clean energy.  We first have small meetings in villages about use of green energy and then we found an enthusiastic people Yogendra Mahato 42, further we found he was unable to find jobs due to lack of innovation and low skills. Our first step was to form different interested groups to aware and support basic knowledge these youth on how to use the green energy for income generation. We also introduced them enterprise-oriented skills such as sewing machine, pottery, CSC, MSC, spray charging points, Solar Freeze business model and more. Yogendra progressively came forward to start their own enterprise decided on hotel business where refrigerators will run through solar with the support of our project intervention. A scoping study showed solar refrigerator run smoothly, which does not require electricity and keeps cold drinks and vegetables for hotels as nicely as a normal freeze.   During the year in summer season, he gained Rs10000/- additional net profit which in year Rs.40000/-  The Agragati team motivated other 4 interested youth and taught them how to start the same business in the local areas.  All the 4 persons started their enterprise. After that the 4 peoples started with an initial investment of Rs20000/- in their venture and today earns Rs8000/- per month. We are also in the process of helping and promote the youth find bigger entrepreneurship model in which such type of solar system can be used in business with the use of green energy and less capital investment.
Project Name: Child Line India (1098) District Sub Centre 
Objective To reach out and assist every child in need and uphold their entitlements and protection
Target Group 0-18 years child 
Project period  2020-2023
Funding Agency Child Line India Foundation
Coverage of Area District– Ramgarh Blocks- Gola, Dulmi, Chitarpur, Mandu, Ramgarh and Pataratu Revenue Village: 1200 Children: 8000
Activities Carried out
  • Counselling of child 
    1. Open House Discussion
    2. Awareness Program
    3. Door to Door Campaign
    4. Drawing Competition
    5. Outreach program
    6. Gram panchayat meeting
    7. Meeting with School Management
  • Meeting with SHG Members
  Achievement & Result  
  • 90 children were sponsored for higher education.
  • Reached out to 600 children where they were aware of Child Rights
1098 was acquainted to children
Success Story Girl saved from being trafficked    Arpita, 14- and Sunita, 15 (name changed) year old had been trafficked from Patna to Kolkata. CHILDLINE team Ramgarh received a call on 24/04/2021 at 1 PM from CWC Ramgarh that 2 girls’ child was found in hotel near by Rajrappa Madir Chitarpur. The CHILDLINE team member reached the spot and met the child. On interrogation, it was revealed that a woman named Jhanu, who works nearby her home and was known to her parents had told her father to give them a job in Kolkata as the family situation is not good, her father agrees.  The child says that they were not allowed to leave the hotel. They plan to escape from the hotel, somehow impressing those who held them back. They said we are not going anywhere, we will buy some cheeps, fast food, soap, oil, etc. Let us go to the market once. After that they call home from an unknown person phone in the local market. They told the people in the market that a woman had brought them to sell and started crying and also informed her parents that they have brought them to be sold and are now kept in a hotel. A kind hearted person informed the local police and then police informed CWC Ramgarh.   CHILDLINE team then searched for the child’s address and informed the concerned Police Station. After that the women Jhanu arrested and took him under the custody. CHILDLINE team handover the 2 children to her parents. Later we find out that these 2 children are living happily and peacefully with their families and are studying well.