New Initiation, Risk but Succeeds

Empowering women

KanijaFatma W/O Md. Riazudin is 38 years old gentle lady come from a small village called MaganpurMaszidBasti, PanchayatMaganpur, Block Gola, district Ramgarh and state Jharkhand. She was seventh pass, she got married in the year 1996. She had only one daughter and completed graduation in the year 2021. Her husband was tailor in profession. After her marriage she learnt how to stich and she extended her hands in the work.

In the year 2005-06, Agragati came in touch with her in the process of formation of SHG in her hamlet. She became one of the members of SHG and she was secretary of that SHG. In due course Agragati organized training program on sewing in two phases.  She attended the same in the year 2006. They had very little income (160.00 in a day) in those days but with it they were managing their family. SELCO Foundation in coordination with Agragati was installing solar set to supplement power failure. Couple was very active so Agragati proposed to start installing solar set from this house and they got ready for the same. After installation of solar set they realized and experienced that their work was going on without any interruption. They did not realized when power cut due to supplementary arrangement of solar set was there.

Their income increased to Rs.225.00 from Rs.160.00. It became an example for the area. Many people visited and learnt about the system. Many got motivated and got ready to install the same. The demand raised to go for with subsidy as per the norms of company. She afforded to send her only daughter to private school. After completion of graduation daughter got married. All these expenses were well managed with this additional support received from the lead of Agragati organization. She was very much satisfied with this kind act of Agragati.

Couples are interested to help others, they say let other too come and learn from here. They have very clear vision that in coming days go for retail market of readymade cloths.

Both of them were very much thankful to Agragati and its team for their selfless job provided to them and to the people in their locality. They pray for the organization that the team keep on doing such noble work for the society and let organization flourish everywhere in the state Jharkhand and out of state too.