Dream Come true, Means Matter

Empowering women

Md. Kabirudin Ansari S/O Md. Sahid Ansari 29 years old comes from a family  who reside in  small village Maganpur Azad Basti, PanchayatMaganpur, PS Gola, Block Gola, District Ramgarh and state Jharkhand. The village is located 8 km from block head quarter. He studied till 10th and married in 2013, blessed with two daughters who are 6 and 3 years old respectively. His main occupation is swing cloths. He has one sewing machine. His wife also contributes in the work. He was engaged in this work for whole day and able to earn hardly four thousand to five thousand in a month. There was problem of electricity supply. Every now and then electricity used to go off. When power supply goes off his work was hampered.  He had no other means to come out from this problem.

In the year 2020, he came across with Agragati staffs in the village itself, where team was demonstrating solar based light and operation of sewing machine. He found it was one of the best ways of overcoming his problem. He immediately expressed his views before Agragati team to install solar set in his home. Agragati Team visited his house. They saw and understood the need. He was told all about the contribution to install the same. He agreed to the terms and conditions. In the same year he got ready to install with 50% contribution and it was installed. It was a big learning and enlightening for other people in that locality. When every house was getting dark only his house was having light and was working without any interruption. People around his house used to visit his house to see it. It was great motivation to other. Because others were not able to work due to no power but this gentleman was working without secession.  In this manner he increased and maintained his earning month after month. He had another issue that the sewing machine was old model.

His existing problem was over by installing solar set. He tried to manage to buy new version of sewing machine. He bought it, his income too increased to double than what he was earning without installation of solar set and new sewing machine. Before no one was knowing him. Now everyone in his locality know him as he adopted these two major systems in his home. He is being called and he himself comes for the meeting that is being held in the village or anywhere related to his work. Many children come to his house to study when light goes off. He has no light problem. From this his earning doubled and managed to purchase second hand motor bike for him to manage the time.

He has thought of purchasing one more sewing machine as his wife is also good in sewing. He planned to start his own entrepreneurship in the village where he could offer employment to other as well and bring happiness in the family to lead a prosperous life in coming days.

All these has become possible because of Agragati and he is very much obelized to the organization for its support and contribution for this he would remain obliged for life long.